#12: Antique John Deere Lister & Planter

#176: Various Farm Equipment

WW 1978 6x16 Stock Trailer
Two Wheel Bale Mover
Small Sprayer Cart with engine
Wagon (four wheel with hoist)
Big Valley PTO Mist Sprayer
Letz Burr Grinder with 8' burs
Case Manure Spreader (good)
Three Point Older Grain Drill
Pick Up Stock Rack
Small Roller Mil-Electric Motor
Tractor Grass Feeder
Ten Foot Seed Bed Roller
Three Point Dirt Scoop
7" Wheeled Box Scraper
Bale Spear for loader
9' Three Point Field Cultivator
5' Three Point Sweep
6' Three Point Fergusen Cultivator
Thre Point Harrow (Patato Digger)

#8: Crawford Flatbed Trailer

#7: Wagon

#10: IH Combine & Wheat Header